Three Indoor Plants For Colder Temperature

1. Pony Tail Palm

These plants are all year-round plants. Meaning they could withstand summer and winter months. They could tolerate a cold temperature of 5 to 8 Degrees Celsius, 41 to 46 Degrees Fahrenheit. These are easy-to-care-for plants. When watering during colder months make sure they dry out completely before watering. 

2. Shefflera Arboricola

They could be placed either under direct sunlight but they also grow in darker spaces. Know that when they are placed in darker spaces they grow slower than in places with a lot of lights. The worst enemy of these plants is over-watering. It is best recommended to use plant pots with drainage holes. 

I do not have the Pony Tail Palm in my plant collection yet. I checked some sellers online. This plant is a bit pricey depending on the size of the plant. However, I will set aside a budget for this one. To be placed in a room with an air conditioning system to alternate with my Sheffelera and Yucca Plants.

3. Yucca

Please note if you are in a place with much lower temperatures during winter months. You may do some more research about the plants that could tolerate much colder temperatures in your area. I just did some research for plants I could place in a room with cold air conditioning system. We do not have winter in the Philippines.