My Comfort Zone

I guess all of us have a special place in our home where we want to stay most of the time. If one loves to cook, that person’s favorite place in the house is the kitchen. Some would say the dining room. Not because the person loves to eat. Rather it is the place where most if not all, family members are gathered together. For parents, I supposed the dining room is their best place.

Others may point out the bedroom is a sanctuary. A place where one could be just by themselves. For me, the living room is my favorite place at home. This is the place where my presence is always available. Thus, this red couch is my comfort zone. This couch is in front of my 40 inches television and my 23 inches monitor. 

I mirrored my monitor to my MacBook Air. I can use the mechanical keyboard. A precious gift from my home-buddy niece. The honeycomb mouse for me, is more user-friendly than a laptop trackpad. When I am sitting on a red couch I used a throw pillow for my back comfort. Needless to say, very comfortable to fall asleep. 

I guess it is normal for someone to fall asleep while in the middle of watching tv. Have you ever watched tv while drinking a cup of coffee and seated conveniently on a couch? It is easy you may say. But there is more to that. I just finished my lunch, decided to fix myself a cup of coffee, and sat in my comfort zone. I became sleepy.

My eyes were closing but my brain wants to finish my coffee. I woke up a bit, sipped coffee, dozed off, and repeat. I was awakened by a burst of laughter from my home-buddy niece. One time, I was browsing the net using my cell phone. I dozed off with my right hand still holding the cell phone. My arm was lifted up almost to my face. My left hand still touching the screen. A talent to recon with per my niece. 

As to my red couch, it serves as a seater and my bed. It is a 2 seater couch, I am 5 feet 2 inches in height. However, I have a way of fitting myself in. That is when I am lazy to go to my bedroom. After all, there is no tv in my bedroom. I do not find it convenient to watch Netflix on the small screen of my iPad, or phone. Besides, most of my indoor plants are in the living room. I want to be one with nature in the most possible way I could.