Cleaning and Organizing

Did some wardrobe organizing and electric fan cleaning yesterday. It was not as much fun as working on my plants. It was a bit overdue as far as the timeline is concerned. I had to do it. I discarded some clothes that do not fit me anymore. Gathered them all in a biodegradable plastic bag. They are ready to be given away.

There are more things I sorted out. Like old electric bills, receipts, and others. I wonder why I accumulated them before, this way. In those days I am not paying online but I go to payment centers. A few years back even before the pandemic, websites and apps had been created. Most of my bills now are paperless. I find it more convenient to pay online, too.

My 15-year-old electric fan, which I have not used for 2 months needed cleaning, too. I noticed the air that came out of it was not that strong. So, I stop using it. When cleaning. I loosen the screws and cleaned the fan thoroughly. I was happy with the result. It gives me the air I wanted from it. The only setback I have is my allergy to dust. Face masks came in handy.

I got some chips and black nails from cleaning my fan. No problem at all for me. It does not bother me to lose some nails as long as my home is clean and organized. More organizing is to be done in the coming days.