Assorted Fruits and Others

I volunteered to withdraw cash for my niece. There are several automated teller machines (ATM) right at the gate of the place where we lived. There are also some banks nearby, meaning walking distance. I thought of going out after lunch for a much cooler time of the day. I thought of buying fruits after the errand.

My niece transferred the money from her bank to my mine. It was through her mobile banking app. We do not keep much cash at home. We use our credit and debit cards when buying online. We do not do cash on delivery. She needs cash to have an eye check up comes Tuesday. She filed vacation leaves, Monday until Wednesday. She has no work Thursday and Friday, being Holy Weeks Holidays.

The cooler time of the day I was expecting, was the other way around. So, reality versus expectation is indeed true. It was too warm outside. I felt the heat on my skin even if I have my folding umbrella with me. I am glad though our place is surrounded by plants and small tress.

I have forgotten 31st of March is pay day for most offices. When I got to the ATM machine, it says “temporarily out of service”. I walked a bit, found another that says the same thing. I approached a security guard of one of the banks if the ATM machine inside the bank was working. I got lucky!

I inserted the ATM card to the machine. It asked for biometric authentication. It asked me if I want a face recognition or thumb print. OMG! The last time I withdrew from an ATM machine was from inside the 7 Eleven store. I just keyed in my pin and I was done. It had been three years ago since I withdrew from an ATM machine inside a bank.

Luckily the bank has two security guards outside, and two inside. I asked how to bypass the biometric authentication. Instead, use the ATM card pin. He said it could not be bypassed. I do not have to take my face mask off, for face recognition. Wearing face mask is voluntary in Manila Ph. He showed me a small slot where to put my thumb. I did, shortly the machine asked me for my card pin.

I was happy to have learned something today. The fruits I bought were on the picture. Mango peel does not look smooth, but mangoes are sweet. I ate one, right after I washed, soaked all the fruits in water with baking soda.