Assorted Indoor Plants

Here are some of my indoor plants. They are able to grow in low to medium lights. Most of them are still small plants. In due time and with proper care they will soon grow bigger. I started taking care of indoor plants less than a year ago. Since then, I started to like the hobby. Sometimes tiring but happy to see them grow and thrive little by little. 

My success rate of growing these plants is not 100%. There are some that are not able to make it for various reasons. I would say I am getting a lot of them to survive. If you are planning to have some plants at home. Make sure you have patience and dedication. Taking care of them is akin to having pets in your home.

I have them all over my small space. Taking care of these lovelies makes my brain functions very well. I have to make research and study how each plant needs to be cared for. The more I learn about them. The more I admire the beauty and wonders of nature. 


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