Toast, Honey and Coffee

When laziness strikes or should I say busyness strikes. This becomes my breakfast. I woke up late. Checked on our grocery cupboard. No more cereals, no more oats. Opened the ref. Found these two slices of bread. I put the bread inside the ref as it has two more days remaining before the expiry.

Thinking of things to be done for the day, bathroom cleaning, laundry, do an inventory of groceries inside the cupboard. I decided to make my breakfast simple. No more egg, no more slices of tomatoes. Simply tossed the slices of bread inside the oven toaster. In two minutes, took them out topped with honey, paired with my favorite drink, coffee. Breakfast is done.

I prefer using oven toaster rather than bread toaster. I can use oven toaster on other purposes. Had I bought bread toaster, as what is says, it could only be used for bread. Had my online grocery shopping done within the day. Of course, my favorite cereal is one of them. It is a next day delivery, on the online store where I bought them. 


18 thoughts on “Toast, Honey and Coffee

  1. I like honey on toast, but had to cut down. I used to drink coffee, but it affects me in very strange ways and very quickly, too. I have skip beats anyway. Caffeine just makes me feel it more then I start to have tremors and feel like I’m buzzing, wanting to just run around until its is all excreted out of my system. Not surprised, as caffeine is a drug. They add it to paracetamol to increase its absorption and effectivity.

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  2. Oh, in that case. I supposed you don’t drink coke or other caffeine loaded drinks. Coffee is fine for me so far. Been drinking coffee since I started working in an office as an accountant. The college course I took. I found it helpful when I got migraine headache.

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  3. Not so much anymore. I get reflux and palpitations so best to avoid ☺️

    Ah, if it helps, then you should. One doc from NZ said that coffee has a lot of good properties. Used to see him with a double shot espresso with no sugar everyday!

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